Question about the Blight adventures

I read somewhere that these are not meant to be played *with* the adventures in the book 'the blight' - so I thought I'd just ask - as I notice these are numbered are they meant to play in order?  Do they form a story thread on their own or are just just numbered because they are 'blight' adventures?  Are they all meant to be separate from the blight book (and adventures within) or was that only one of them (forget which one it was where this was stated sorry).

Just curious - now that the book and such are close to being released I'm trying to figure out what angle I want to attack this product from.

My group is going to play through them in order. They're sequential in that by the end of one adventure you're at the level you need to be to start the other.  Connecting them has so far been very easy because of the setting.

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They are companion adventures to the adventure arc in the big book. They reveal some background information that ties in with the adventure arc and campaign guide but are not required. As Turk1976 mentioned, they can be chained together to provide a series of (mostly) unconnected adventures for specific levels.

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