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Sea King's Malice -

Coming soon for Swords & Wizardry and 5th Edition

In the murky depths sits a brooding menace, ancient, indescribably evil, and ravenously hungry. Perched on his massive throne, the Sea King dreams of his massive jaws bathing in runnels of fresh land-dweller blood. He dreams of the ecstasy of rending air-breather flesh. His hate-filled dreams suffuse him with visions of presiding over a glorious and bloody feast where his despised enemies, those both above and below the waves, drown in a tide of their own blood, torn apart by his fierce warriors. In this sprawling adventure the characters will come face to face with this terrible menace.

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Our adventures are tabletop gaming legends, with names you hear in dark whispers, like Rappan Athuk, Tomb of Abysthor, and Slumbering Tsar. We write adventures that are worth winning. That’s the style of adventure gaming we’re about.

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Swords & Wizardry Complete! And then some!

This is the game you played 20 years ago. It’s true to the original style and philosophy that made the game great. No “Spot Checks” here. Simple, flexible rules that allow players and game masters alike to roll play and roleplay.  This stand-alone tome provides all the rules you need to play the game. Its easily transferable as a rules set for other retro-clone games as well as those old dusty modules you still have in the attic.

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