Frequently Asked Questions

ATTENTION: If you are experiencing any problem with the Frog God Games website and are unable to fix the problem yourself please submit an inquiry by going to our Support Page.


  • QUESTION: "I signed up for an account but I haven't recieved a confirmation email, what am I doing wrong?"
    • ANSWER: Check your Spam Folder, the registration confirmation email doesn't normally take more than a few minutes to be sent out.


  • QUESTION: "When should I expect my physical products??"
    • ANSWER: We usually ship products on Sundays. When your order ships, you should receive an email from with a tracking number.
  • QUESTION: "When I try to checkout it says there is something wrong with my credit card. What might be the problem?"
    • ANSWER: The credit card processor checks the billing zip code you've entered. If the zip code you've entered does not match the zip code your bank has on file you may get an error.
  • QUESTION: "When I purchase a hardcover or softcover a title do I get a free PDF version?"
    • ANSWER: Yes, when purchasing a hardcover or softcover of a particular title you will recieve a PDF version as well.
  • QUESTION: "I purchased a PDF Download, where can I access my file(s)?"
    • ANSWER: You will be emailed a copy of your reciept from Frog God Games. Shortly after that you'll be emailed a link to the file that you purchased. Make sure to check your spam folder. You may also access all of the files you've ever purchased by going to and clicking on the Files Tab within your account.