Social Class Modifiers for Drow, Half-Elf (Drow) (Bard's Gate) & Question concerning written example

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According to Bard's Gate 5e, there are social class modifiers for just about every playable race.  I've got a player in my game that's a half-drow....what would the social class modifier for that be?  For those interested, it's page 106 in my Bard's Gate 5e PDF.


In addition on 107 (Under "Increasing a Character's Social Class") that the halfling rogue would have to spend at least 100 gp/month to get the same social respect as an upper middle class human expert...where is Expert listed at?  Trying to make sense of the rules to use them for my game.


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Howdy - answers below:

1. What would the social class modifier be for a half-drow in Bard's Gate (p. 106)?
The modifier would be amongst the lowest of all the races in Bard's Gate. The entry for the Dark Elves is on p. 28 in the book, and mentions that they are not welcome in the city. A pure dark elf would probably be a -5 social modifier, while a half-drow would be a -4. Thinking more on this, though, would the stigma of being the child of a human and a drow result in even worse treatment than a pureblood drow? That might be something to consider further as your campaign progresses.

2. The example on p. 107 mentions the expert class - where is the expert class listed?
Unlike previous editions, there isn't a 5e equivalent of the expert class. For purposes of the example, the expert would be a well known, skilled commoner (5e SRD), such as a blacksmith who is exceptionally adept at weaponsmithing, or a talented habadasher who crafts the most fashionable, yet rugged, hats. 

Does that help?

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Thanks Patrick!!  That helps immensely!