Rappan athuk new maps

Been running rappan athuk for a few sessions and it's been a pain in the butt to recreate those maps for fantasy grounds. Then I saw this video on the link below. Does anyone know if the maps are out yet or when will they be released for purchase?


Never mind it will be in fall for the Kickstart.

You will be amazed when you see them as well. I think they are absolutely stunning, even after hours of organizing, sizing and exporting :)

Zach, FGG

Thank you Zach and glad to hear it is going well. Odd thing to ask. I'm running rappan athuk on fantasy grounds and I'm recreating in dungeon painter studio. What program are you using to make these maps in like photoshop, Campaign Cartographer 3, Dundjinni, power vtt or in house trade secrect?

With the really large maps would you make sections or any other method / advice to ease the work load

Fast answer is Photoshop. Lots of that. 

I want to give a longer answer later this evening IF I can. I have used all the programs you listed but honestly Photoshop is the must use application for the final maps. This is due to small details like bending modes and the layer masking. Grids, for example, are a breeze in Photoshop as a adjustment layer but much harder in other programs to make adjustments.

My favorite map making program is otherworld mapper though.

I didnt make the colored maps in RA though, Robert Altbauer did. I am the guy who packages them for use with VTTs and PDF files.

I hope to answer this better later, as I love fantasy maps and this is right up my nerd alley.



I am totally looking forward to this.  I bought every iteration of Rappan Athuk and I will definitely be buying this and any Fantasy Grounds module too!!!

You will not be sorry.

Glad to hear it zach

Feels amazing to see the makers so enthusiastic as us and hope we can see more preview maps soon. Makes sense to use photoshop since it has the right tools.

Keep up the good work.