Rappan Athuk dungeon maps


Does anyone out there have the maps for the dungeons as flipping back and forth through the book is a bit of a pain. Currently re-starting as the players have built up the courage to try again.

Thanks for your help


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You could extract the maps as a separate reference pdf from your RA pdf. I never used the hardcover book for play. I printed the relevant sections for play minus the art and maps and placed in 3-ring binder. I placed GM maps on iPad for reference. However, I was also using d20 Pro (VTT) for the player part which included player maps and art.

Unfortunately, d20Pro is only current solution for player maps without modifying them yourself. My hope is if there is a 5e conversion in the future that the cartography gets updated as well. At least, that is what I will pushing for.

Not providing player maps is really a no-go. I use the maps as is and players hence automatically find all secret doors and traps. Too bad, but I don't have the time to fix the maps. I was very disappointed when I found about this a couple of months ago. Really a nuisance.

Cheers, thanks for your help

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I have, in the past, copy-pasted maps from PDFs as image files, and then used image editing software to edit them, elimitating things that should be secret.  I personally use GIMP, it's like PhotoShop, only free.

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I use the hardcover, behind my screen.  And then have a laptop, running Combat Manager, to track the combat rounds.  Hero Lab is on the laptop (referencing dropbox, so it stays sync`d with my desktop at home), for the character sheets, equipment, etc..

I have all of the maps printed (from the PDF) and in a large three-ring binder, in heavy-weight sheet protectors.  That is my reference, for drawing on a set of tact-tiles, the area around the players.  Our gaming table uses approximately half of the set (I ordered two 12-packs, from the more recent kickstarter)... 4x4... so 48x48 squares with 46 on each axis being available for clean lines... the outer section being partially available and partially not, due to the jig-saw edges of the tiles.

On the one hand, the tiles rock.  And a large enough section can be drawn, that it rarely needs to be redrawn if a combat area is coming up.  On the other hand, players have an accurate map without having to map the area themselves... although I draw based on the easiest orientation for where we are and what we need displayed, so that`s not always with north upwards.

The players don`t always recognize an area that we`ve been into several times previously.  One of my players will take a picture of the combat, on his phone.  He`s sharing with another player, who cannot be there currently, but used to participate and misses it.

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I am sorry about the lack of player maps, but the were commissioned more than 5 years before we did the updates and the original maps were simply gone. (They'd been trashed by the cartographer.) No one's fault, but it wasn't in the budget to commission all new player maps at the time.

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(Honestly, I'm in the habit of making players map the dungeons. I know that doesn't help you with the electronic format. Also, for what it's worth, this was why we moved into having DM and Player maps as well as listing them in the backs of the books since at least Slumbering Tsar Saga.)


Does anyone know if someone spent the time to clean up secret doors and such if the froggies would be upset with posting said files?

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I'm inclined to say "no", but try emailing Bill at bill @ talesofthefroggod.com (remove spaces, of course) to double check.

I love fan-support, myself. It's how I got my current gig <laugh>