Product Line up S&W


I was just looking through my newly received Bard´s Gate book and found the following strange thing:

Every Lost Lands book includes a list of FGG products (e.g. Bards Gate page 3). Now, it lists all the products existing and future products. I have already collected lots of FGG products (ALL my money to you :-)), but I wonder about the following:

1. The Slumbering Tsar Saga is marked as PF and S&W. Unfortunatly I cannot find a S&W verison of The Slumbering Tsar anywhere. Why is it marked as S&W ?

2. I understand that Quests of Doom is including Vol1 and Vol2 of the corresponding 5e Quest of Doom adventures for PF and S&W. But what about Quests of Doom 2. It is marked as 5e only. Does that mean there is no corresponding S&W version ?

Just hopping that the S&W support is not dropped for 5e products.




The Slumbering Tsar Saga may or may not make it into S&W. My Magic 8-Ball says “Cannot predict now”.

All of the adventures in QoD2 are available either as a separate softcover or pdf for S&W.

S&W support will continue ever onward.