Northland Saga Post NS7 - the Oestryn Islands

I've been hammering away on the Oestryn Islands for a bit now.  Given, that's it's a blank canvas for us to work on, and I've got time before my player's reach that point in the AP. I don't see any rush, but I'd like some input.

I've already come up with a map I like.  And A few ideas for possible adventures, but I'd like some more ideas for adventure seeds. This is what I've come up with so far:

  • The Skarelings are divided on the Northlander question.  One faction wants to avoid them (currently the most prominent).  The second, wants to drive them out (without Half-Face this faction has been loosing ground with tribal elders).  The last faction wants peaceful relations, and possible trade.  Each tribe has it own mix of supporters on the subject.  This could leed to some interesting interactions.  Say a peace delegation where a few are actually opposed to the idea. 
  • Also tribal conflict may also erupt, if one tribe is perceived as being too close to the Northlanders.  Or is perceived as having gained an advantage over it's neighbors. The player's ally is calling for help.
  • A falconer saw and recognizes the Stymphalidies and believes that if some eggs are procured she could train them.  The moltings would then provide a good source of steel, and can be used to hunt some of the mega-fauna of the island more safely.  Note: the Falconer would most likely have to be Giant-blooded.
  • A Skrealing burial site was disturbed by some incautious souls.  The Jarl is called upon for a rescue.
  • Ruins of an unknown city/fortriss has risen above the sea, several miles off shore.  Actually an old Trow city/fort or other outpost.  It may hold clues as to why their civilization collapsed. 
  • A herder has somehow gotten it into his head that Baluchitherium can be domesticated.  Maybe heard that some giants use them as mounts, or some other story.  He's willing to pay for several calfs, or cut some other deal. 
  • A rouge Sasquatch, is attacking farm steads.  Why, and how do the player's stop it.
  • A new Jarl has set up his/her hall nearby.  While in it's self not a bad thing, this could leed to several conflicts.  ie some of the new Jarls' land owners claim the same territory that some of your land owners claim.  They have a vastly different view on the Skraelings.  Worse still, they may actually be Jomsvikings, and will be automatically hostile to the PC's.  A different twist, is that two new jarldoms on either side of the PC's have sprung up, and now they are feuding with each other.  

Any other ideas would be apprciated.