NG & FGG Adventures list?

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Has anyone got or does anyone know of a list of all the adventures that NG and FGG have released? More specifically those that have been re-releassed in different rule sets. Like old d20 NG adventures released in 5E, for example.


I am relatively certain that Greg Vaughn or one of the other Frogs has a complete list (I believe, referencing the youtube video where they discussed it, that Greg has actually placed each old product that they can legally place in the world).


I am truly hoping that the Campaign Setting, whenever it comes out, includes a complete list and, most importantly, where they take place. 

At this point, there has been little old Necromancer d20 converted to 5e, Demons & Devils and Liches & Vampires in Quests of Doom 1 Vol 1 along with Bard’s Gate; a couple of adventures from Glades of Death in Quests of Doom 3. Most of Eldritch Sorcery in Book of Lost Spells and a portion of Tome of Horrors in Fifth Edition Foes.  All of this along with new material can purchased in a great PDF Humble Bundle deal for about more 3 days at this writing.

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Thanks for the replies, I have every Frog God product in print, and all NG/FGG in PDF. But my old d20 print collection is sketchy. I'm wondering whether to get some more, but if some of them are reprinted in 5E and/or Pathfinder then there is no much point - apart from a completionist point of view!