Condition: Blinded / Acid (possible spoiler)



just preparing for a beginners session of Grimssgate. I read the Complete Rulebook and wondered: What happens if a character is blinded ? Is there any guidance how that affects the characters or monsters ? I found a rule in the D20 SRD, but there is just nothing in S&W. 

Another question: In the Grimmsgate module there is a young dragon. It has the special ability to spit acid. While its explained which area would be covered, there is no indication of the damage this would do to a character. Other monsters in the Monstrousity book have at least some hint for this. I just would appreciate any guidance here... My thought: Its a young dragon, would assume 3d6 damage or so--- ?

I take any advice :-)


P.S.: Expect more questions, as soon as I continue my preparation. 


Blinded means characters can't rely on sight for anything. In combat this is equivalent to attacking an invisible foe (-4??). Outside of combat you can be creative, I think that's the point xD. 

As for the damage of the young dragpn's acid attack, I would say 2D6 would be fine, comparing it to other damage sources...

I hope this helps!

Blinded condition is -4 on the attack roll since essentially all opponents are invisible. This would only apply if the location can be determined with other senses (i.e. smell, just got attacked from a specific direction) otherwise automatic miss. Plus, the opponent could run away without fear on extra rear attack.

The acid spit should be restricted to a single target and be less than a young dragon’s breath weapon. Pius, the save should avoid the damage not half it.

Thanks a lot for the comments. Thats very useful. I will follow your advice.