Castorhage District Question

In the new year, I'm planning to start a campaign of Blades in the Blight, using the mechanics of Blades in the Dark and the setting of The Blight. In the process, I've been looking for equivalent districts in Castorhage and Doskvol (the default setting of BitD). Many are easy matches: Silkshore in Doskvol can be re-skinned as The Artists' Quarter of Castorhage, and The Capitol in Castorhage combines the Doskvol districts of Whitecrown and Charterhall.

One Doskvol district that's giving me some trouble is Brightstone. Here's a descriptive quote from BitD:

Brightstone is home to many of the wealthiest and most influential citizens of Doskvol. Its streets are broad and paved... ; its canals are sparkling and clean...; its houses are all of fine, pale marble blocks, rich timbers, and intricate ironworks. There are cultivated parks...; lavish restaurants and cafes; jewelers, tailors, and other luxury shops. Street-side vendors are forbidden here, resulting in a serene, spacious atmosphere, punctuated by the occasional carriage or marching (City Watch) patrol.

I could see using The Capitol, but I'd prefer not to have that district represented by three different stat blocks. The upper level of Town Bridge might work, too. If I can't find an equivalent in Castorhage, I'm thinking of just carving out a section of Toiltown and dropping Brightstone in as written (with high walls and stout gates to keep out the rabble, of course).

What do you think?

After some more research, I think that the closest equivalent to Brightstone, in terms of the four BitD district Traits of Wealth, Safety & Security, Criminal Influence, and Occult Influence, would probably be the Citadel, a bastion of wealthy merchants in the Bazaar.

I'm planning to apply Trait listings to each major district of Castorhage. Some of the precincts within the districts are quite different from their surroundings, so they'll get their own Trait ratings, too.