Borderland Provinces Languages

In Borderland Provinces, the Gaelon River Valley has the following languages listed: Common, Gaeling, Halfling, Elven, Giant, Dwarven, Erskin. What is Erskin? Anyone know? TIA.

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You can find more information on Erksin, the language of the Erskaelosi barbarians, in Bard's Gate. The Erskaelosi mostly speak common instead of Erskin, though.

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​Related to the Semuric language of northern Libynos, Erskin is the language of the Erskaelosi barbarians and was brought with them when they migrated south to the Sundered Kingdoms.
Erskin has picked up many aspects of High Boros and Common over the years so that, even though areas of the Isthmus of Irkaina exist where Erskin is still spoken, the dialects are so different from that of the Erskaelosi as to be almost unintelligible at times.
In this day and age, more of the Erskaelosi are likely to speak Common as their primary language rather than Erskin.​

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