Bard's Gate Questions/Clarifications (possible Errata)

Please add any questions, clarifications, or mistakes you've noticed in Bard's Gate to this thread. So far I have the following (still need to go through all the threads to find others):

  1. Where does he hide, when not going about killing pure-blooded elven women or targets of the Red Blades (or does he work for the Violet Brotherhood, who's not discussed at all, that I can find)? What does he do on his off days? Is his name spelled D'un or Du'n (its spelled both ways in the same subsection of the new book)? Where does he belong in Bard's Gate?


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I've already corrected most of the errors and didn't log what they were.  :(

Where is the town of Ellia? PC'sneed to return Krinnin there but it isn't on any existing Lost Lands maps.