A simple question


I've been a fan of Frog God Games (and Necromancer Games) for years

over recent years it has become increasingly difficult to get hold of printed material from FGG as I am based in the UK and the pricing involved is enormous

The Blight for 5e comes to $232.30 which comes to £173.26!

with others also being veery expensive when they are available (Bards Gate for 5e apparently isn't available but the site asks me if I want to get it in softcover which isn't actualy an option in the web store)

Is the situation going to improve at all in the near future?

Hello anyone there?

Is this thing on? (taps imaginary Microphone)

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Yes, someone is here and I've sent your question on to the higher ups. But they are just getting back from the NTRPG Con over this past weekend.


No problem :)


I'm interested in this too.
Also based in the UK and love the world of The Lost Lands!

I'm pretty new to DM'ing 5e D&D and decided to set our adventures in the Lost Lands for the group of young, new players I DM for. The PDFs are great but sometimes a proper book is so much better. As Maedhros has commented, the books are very expensive or not even available in the UK but I realise how expensive it must be to produce the large and very detailed books you guys make :)

Alternatively, I really like Fantasy Grounds. I know FGG have converted some stuff over to it but would love to see the Bards Gate and Blight books on the Fantasy Grounds store.


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I am as much in the dark as all of you are. Yes, I do get the occasional tidbit but all I can say for sure is there has been some progress in addressing the high shipping cost and converting to FG but just what has been done I don't know. When I find out I will post it here or in the new forum coming soon.

That's good to hear, thanks!