PF2 & the Campaign Setting

Ok, so as a Lost Lands GM that has been anxiously and somewhat less-than-patiently awaiting the release of the Lost Lands Campaign Setting (LLCS), I have to ask what effect, if any, the announcement of Pathfinder second edition (PF2) may have. With the release of the game being 18 mos. away, I suspect that the Campaign Setting release will fall before then, but other than "closer than you think" I haven't seen anything even suggesting a release window. I suspect that the LLCS is undergoing its PF & 5e writing now and will release with PF1 as a result. But given the current trend of re-releasing FGG content in 5e rules I was curious if the 5e conversion schedule made a PF2 LLCS release possible. I'd buy it in any case. I just have concerns that given the PF2 announcement a LLCS release under PF1 rules may underperform and I'd hate to see that happen and be viewed as data that would drive FGG away from future Pathfinder content. On the chance that the mighty frogs can provide some insight into their plans moving forward, I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. I understand if it's too early to say. Thanks.

Bill stated via video from GaryCon that the Lost Lands will be system agnostic.  One setting to be used by all. It's not tied to 5e or PF or S&W or or or....  It's for everything.

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I'm certainly glad to read that!

That is definitely the way to go using the Kobold Press Midgard Setting as a model. Maybe have a seperate softcover for system specific elements or even just a free PDF download.

For example, I wonder how they will work domains for long list of deities. 5e has smaller different set than Pf while it is simply a fluff listing in S&W. I think it would best to remove the domain entry from the hardcover and then provide a free supplement with a domain table specific to each system.


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this is good news, I was worried about PF and the campaign setting - though I am really sad that it seems likely FGG won't be doing any more PF1 releases... can't say I blame them given how they are having trouble unloading their existing stock but I love the system. It just has so much more interesting crunchy bits than SW and 5e.  

I hope that since Slumbering Tsar will now have no "ongoing supported" system, that it will be redone for 5E (not that I care... sniff, but feel only right to say) and for S&W (please...) some time after LL Campaign set.

I keep hearing great things about that massive Hardcover and I'd like to own it :)

Slumbering Tsar intrigues me, but I'd only convert it if I was going to run it, which I don't think my group would enjoy that. I've only read snippets, and it seems super grim and a grindfest, the latter of which is a turn off for my players. I reserve the right to change my opinion should I get to read the whole thing.

I would not call it a true grindfest.  The initial entry into the city should not be a grind.  It should be a lot of there-and-back raids.  Information gathering should be the primary concern.  And then figure out a way to whittle down all of the undead, probably starting with the Cobbler....

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Slumbering Tsar is a great book. I haven't run it but it seems pretty deadly for pathfinder.... I expect it would be hard to convert to S/W and 5e without becoming even more deadly.