Hi there, A freind of mine is running a Bard's Gate game so I offered to share a six year claendar I cooked up for my Northlands saga campain.  It occured to me that others may want it as well, so here it is.!AqsAOA9fmu3XgQAkml4UHAf8MriO

Looks good.  I've been meaning to make a calendar and incorporate The Adventurer's Almanac into it for additional holidays and regionalisms.  Thank you!

I just did something very similar; I've been trying to work out moon phases. Narrah's are pretty easy, but Sybil--from what I can gather--is on an eccentric orbit, so its phases are variable.

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AEIOUconetinesY: Your welcome


I thought about it, and may incorporate one in the future (ie. when one of my PC's contracts lycanthopey)  I agree that Sybil would be the problem child, I suppose you could just decided on a variable, say 20+1d8 night lunar cycle.   failing that ye olde GM decideds. 

Well, I only did a year's worth of calendar so far; Narrah's phases line up pretty well with what dates we know about as being important moon phases. I'm going about Sybil's orbit as a 36 day orbit, with the Gibbous phases being the shortest, meaning that, when Sybil is full, it's actually closer--i.e. bigger to those on the ground--and noticeably bigger in the sky. The crescent phases are the longer of the two types, with the two quarters, new, and full being only a day (this might increase to two days for new and the quarters, haven't figured that out yet). 

Now, all that being said, this is NOT a stable orbit; eventually, Sybil and/or Narrah is going to get upset, which leads to a few eventualities: 1. Narrah and/or Sybil gets snapped out of the solar system; 2. Narrah and/or Sybil crashes into Lleogyr, rendering it uninhabitable; 3. Narrah's and Sybil's orbits find equilibrium and become stable. Number 3 is the least likely scenario, but I don't know enough about the math to figure that out!


Are the names of the 7 days of the week anywhere?

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