Is there a Campaign map and “current year” in any resources yet?

Have tons of work coding books and protocol docs that I need to keep up with and mountain of LL pdfs I can reference.

To save me searching time, which if any source book/module comes with a description of an area’s calendar and “current year” (less important)?  I expect the Fall Campaign book/box would but until then...?

If not, the. will just grab the Oerth calendar to start then pull a Julian to Gregorian on my players’ butts when set comes out later.


Also, I will award a NoPrize(tm) to any FrogGod(ling) who can scribble on paper a rough outline of the world so I have an idea where I would stick another continent or set of nations if the whole continent(s) will not be described in Canon.  I plan to run a second campaign later and would rather place it on same world even though it will start “elsewhere” - prefer to avoid the whole “gate” thing and just do normal ship travel ;)

PS, your official noncompletely overlapping maps are beautiful.  


The current year is 3517, if memory serves correctly. However, there's no full map, I don't think, other than the one that Greg himself might have in dead tree form. 


In middle of writing player backgrounds for 3 different areas. 2 small “fake” villages and Fareme (slum dweller youth so keeping wider area knowledge limited)

So, like is the first month called Aurelia the 5th day of the 10 day week is “Thyrsday” and there is a 2 week long festival after the harvest belonging to no month & called “SomeHarvestGod’sName-Stock” ... or what have you ;)

Granted, for now if this is not defined in any source books I will use GH name of months/days months with year 3517 CR (current reckoning until i learn the real terms)

I’ll simply tell my players that “things will change” post Campaign Kickstarter ;)

I’d love the rough outline of the contentinent(s) even without nation/territory names as a free download or image on site - this way I can begin planning where to place my own creations whether they be cities or bigger issues, land masses... :)

Richard, I really appreciate the time you have taken to help me get up to speed n time to start this campaign. I plan to keep them from in dark past EVENTUALLY SHV to Endhome coast area, but some things like common n days of week/calendar the sooner I can use the better. 

Aha! When  Googling finally noticed a reference to the blogs: where Greg the Great expounds on time and calendars. I am extremely pleased this is now covered.

Thanks! (if it is changed, it’s fine - I’m sure it will be closer to what is in that blog than if I had been “forced” to go with Greyhawk month/day names.

Thanks all!

I've got Marshes of Malice, and it says that the adventures are set in the lost lands. I can see that one is near Rappan Athuk, but I can't find the cities that the other 2 are near. 

The first adventure, The Hunter's Game, is set southwest of Kingston from the Borderlands Provinces. The Dyrgalas Fens sits between the Harwood Foreest and the Barren Forrest. If you look at the map appearing in Marshes of Malice, the Kal'Iugus Mountains appear in the northwest section of that map and in the southwest corner of the map in the Borderlands Provinces book.

The third adventure takes part in the Kingdom of Foere. It's due west of Kingston, though it doesn't appear on any current available maps I could locate.