Dragonborn in Bard's Gate

One of my players wants go play a dragonborn and I'm wondering how dragonborn (and tieflings) for that matter fit in Bard's Gate specifically and in the Lost Lands in general.

Anybody got any idea?

The Lost Lands is a classic Greyhawkish-type campaign setting with Forgotten Realms level of detail. Any 5e optional advanced races like dragonborn and tieflings will have to be added at GM's discretion. There won't be any pre-packaged lore on these races present.

For my version, I went the route of half-breeds for all the non Greyhawk races; tieflings are half demon/devil and half human, aasimar are half celestial and half human. You could extend this to include dragonborn as "half-dragon"; I also have half-dwarves and half-giants, but not half-halflings or half-gnomes, because that just sounds silly. Depending on which campaign you're running, there's quite a few dragons running around, both good and bad.