Campaign Setting in 2018?

So 2017 has come and gone.  I was able to round out most of my FGG collection, got my marshes and mountains supplements and had many a great Pathfinder session set within the Lost Lands.

While I can appreciate FGG wanting to capitalize on 5e popularity by producing 5e versions of existing products, I was saddened that we did not see much in the way of updates on the campaign setting, let alone the product itself.

Now it's 2018, and I'm hoping this is the year it hits.  Any updates from our Frog overlords?

I'm not getting my hopes up about a full campaign setting; there's been a few things that they've mentioned here and there on the forums, but I'll be surprised if we get the full setting book(s). Rappan Athuk is coming first, and they just did Tome of Horrors, so it'll be a while.

I am also hoping for the campaign setting for Pathfinder in 2018.

I am in the situation that I've stopped purchasing any new books from Frogs, until the campaign setting is released. I already have a ton of books, and what is sorely missing is the campaign that binds it all together. I don't need or want more adventures or other sourcebooks.

I've even pushed back launching our game campaign until the campaign setting is released. I just don't want to go ahead with it incomplete setting, and I have other games with more complete campaign settings to run at the moment. I can be patient, but I feel this game really needs the campaign setting more than anything else right now.



If are a Pathfinder or S&W fan, I can see why this would be the right call. For most of 2018, 5e will be the focus of most new releases. Campaign setting rumblings should be occurring by late 2018 (Maybe a KS?). Since graduating from medical school, Greg Vaughan is neck deep in his residency. I am certain it has been a greater time challenge than anticipated with the sky the limit in working time. Greg is the Lost Lands Campaign Setting. It couldn’t have existed without him and won’t be completed until he can make the time commitment.

Yeah, Greg's got his work cut out for him! 


However, that being said, there's a few campaigns you can run in the setting without much in the way of broader campaign information:

1. Sword of Air. With a decent amount of work, you can whip this into an enormous, long, and deadly campaign, as  I'm doing now. Bonus points, you can combine it with Stoneheart Valley and Bard's Gate for an even longer campaign. 

2. Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms: This is a complete campaign; only for PF/SW for now, but I expect that it will get a 5e treatment eventually; in the meantime, it's not all that difficult to convert.


With Borderlands Provinces and Sword of Air, you have an enormous tract of land to adventure in. My players are approaching level 7, and they haven't even made it out of the Lyre Valley yet.

Totally agree, I think the previous poster’s point was because of the reasons you stated that there isn’t much incentive for long-time customers to continue buying FGG products until the campaign setting is released. This is a heck of lot of campaign material for PF/S&W. If you get down to people buying to use it vs, collecting it, it is more than enough.  I suspect newcomers will be able to get a decent amount on clearance.

Plus, you are correct it is easy to convert to 5e for play (a bit more effort for publication). In particular Sword of Air is easy especially since it uses a lot of standard monsters plus a sprinkling from 5e Foes. Even easier for you, since I recall you converted Stoneheart Valley.

And Sword of Air (80% complete)! Stoneheart Valley is 100% done, however.

If you're looking for a "campaign setting", I'd get Lost City of Barakus and Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms; from what I've read, both of those are pretty good fits. I really want to read them, one of these days...

Wow! Do you have these conversations in a format suitable for sharing, by any chance? 

...not that I can readily post! I'd like to, but they don't conform to the OGL at all, nor do I have separate "conversion" documents from the actual adventure notes that I've rewritten/modified, except for some of Stoneheart Valley. However, I expect the Frogs to eventually have all of that converted eventually. 

True, it's not that I couldn't run the existing materials, it's just I don't want to....:)

The Campaign Set will Kickstart in 2018. We are much closer than you think on it :)

well, that is good news! :)

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Looking forward to the setting.

Now this thread has me excited! :)

 Me too, I am new to FGG (about year and change of buying/reading in prep for upcoming AD&D campaign with “new” materials since between my old alt DM and I we have run or played in most all TSR we would want prior to  >10) been buying S&W pdfs on spec. Picked up Stone/Barakas HC on sale because kept hearing about HC quality on you KSs, price was good on clearance and figured try (bought two diff books to prorate the cost of shipping - never before ordered physical- for AD&D and others used to go to Compleat Strategist in NYC.

Tempted a little for RA. So fat, but missed out on KS books back before I heard of ya (was away since ~99)  plus  between cost and shipping and not knowing if it will be “revised” in near term due to KS for 5e, it would need to be on deep discount and from what I surmise, it’s like the flagship ;)

(PS, my first post ever was in Complete Rules subforum asking about my understanding of S&W movement rates, would love if any mods or pros could give me feedback on how to understand design better.) I may start vanilla S&W Complete since I’m old ;) now and been too long since I played (‘79-91, 97-99))


Perhaps you guys can consider releasing "prototype" simplistic maps once the layout is pretty set of the "known Lost Lands"" setting. It can be as simple as the sort of map one would quickly hand draw.


You could could circle/mark each section previously releases as a separate map or in a source book. Since you haven't released other areas, this would mainly be to see how on a potential map, each portion lay where in relation to each other.


Bonus points if you drew in distance estimats between different map sets/POIs. A Fabulous NoPrize(tm) if you tossed in expected rough road outlines between the areas.


Seriously, a 20 min to sketch on paper then scan to should positioning alone would help us be consistent even if we filled in areas not released that turn out to be different later. Ooops...retcon time...