The Crooked Nail (All versions)


I have all three versions of The Blight in PDF so when I list something here it more than likely applies to all versions.

In the 5E version I've noticed that the map in the text and the GM map don't match the text.On the map there are three areas labeled, but in the text there are four.

Text lists B1 as the stoop, but it is not marked on the map.
Text lists B2 as the shop, but the map has it marked as B1.
Text lists B3 as the hallway leading to the office, but the map marks it as B2.
Text lists B4 as the office, but the map lists it as B3.

On page 18 it is talking about Crux in the hallway but here is what it sasy in the module:

...attack anyone entering the hallway. If Chelman’s attempts to flee fail, and
he is reduced to half his hit points or fewer, he pleads pathetically for his...

Jerry, you have it figured correctly, “Chelman” = “Crux”, +1 to all marked B’s. B1 outside.

Unfortunately, the PDF is unlikely to be corrected. Hey, that’s what printers and red pens are for.