12 Days of Free PDFs--Day 2

Just bought this for 5e dnd, but it doesn't appear in my bought files. 

The Slumbering Tsar part 1 from yesterday worked fine.


Any idea what I should do?

Same problem here for me.  It was listed in my order invoice but didn't appear in my file downloads e-mail or in my list of purchased files.


Same here, other free titles I added to the order also did not appear in the file downloads list nor in the e-mail

I bought it for pathfinder but that did not work either.

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Same problem to me

Same here. I didn't get to do the one from yesterday, but I wonder if it's cause we didn't get a select format box? I know it's only PDF, but I noticed with other things you choose PDF from a drop down anyway.

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Zach will be able to address these issues today. I'll have him respond here as soon as he is able.

Frog God Games

Same problem for 5e PDF.

same  lol


Thank you for the free books!!!

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Nothing new here: same.

Thanks for the early Christmas presents - they are great!  I'll check back to see if Zach is able to fix the issue.

Same issue here

Same problem for me

Yeah, I'm having the same issue :(


Yes,doesn´t work. 5. ed.

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I've notified the Powers-that-be about the issue. Should be fixed very soon with both Patrick and me harping on it.

The Noble Herald Frog

As of 1600 On Dec 14th, same issue.

Thank you so much for the offer, it is great!

Can't wait to get my hands on a copy!


same issue here, at 15:09 PST (all 3 game systems).  It's in my order, but not in my file downloads.

Same here for now as well

Same issue here. Thanks!

Same issue with me.

Same issue here. I should add that I ordered all 3 systems too.

Same issue here



Same here too, since almost 24 hours ago, for all 3 systems.

Sent message through Contact Us, no response so far.

Sent a mail yesterday.


and from what I see, no freebie on friday so far...... :-(

I'm in the same boat regarding the day 2 freebie. At first, I thought I didn't go all the way through the order process because I never received the email with the download links. I tried again this morning, but it was the same.

As a test, I went back just now and tried the bunnies and burrows freebie. That one worked. It showed up in my account downloads immediately and I received the email with the download links.



Still not showing. Same issue for me (and no Day 3 it looks) as of Friday at 11:13 EST

Same here. Ordered it three times for 5th Edition, always got the confirmation but never the link

Any progress on this?   

No good deed goes unpunished, eh?

Good luck Frog God, sometimes tech just does what it wants.  ;)


I noticed the new email didn't go out today for day 3.  :(



They probably won't update the site and send the email for day 3 until yesterday's issue is addressed. To allow people to get day 2's properly. I wish I hadn't missed day 1, but I was working late that night.

They've gotta run a Kickstarter first to get the issue fixed.


It's always tough to complain about not receiveing a free item, but yeah. same issue as others.


I'm less concerned about getting my free items than I am about their site functioning properly :-)

First order from Frog God. Still no email with product. Link to product in order review just takes me back to the order page. There is no list of purchased files I can find. 

I guess the same thing here.




Ah, well, I am sure that they WILL get it working, sooner or later. :)

Hmmm, but other free orders are working fine....

Just piling on, but I've had the same problem.  Got the receipt email yesterday, but never received the email with the links, and today there is no day 3 freebie.  I have to admit to being a little concerned if everything is ok in the frog realms. 

Hope all is going ok on your end, guys

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Just got a text from Zach. He's been out of town but has the Free PDF Day problem on his screen right now.

The Noble Herald Frog.

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Zach has added day 2 and 3 to the Download section.

I would like to know if the system is working. Please let me know so I can let Zach know if it isn't working.

One more thing, You may not get an email with a link. It may just show up in your files. It happened that way for me a few times.

The Noble Herald Frog

Thanks Jerry & Zach!

fixed for me now, just downloade3d them, looking forward to reading the Hex Crawl one (i'm a sucker for 'Old School' style of play)

That fixed things up.  Thank you for the free goodies. 

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A couple of other threads mentioned a shipping problem. Apparently it occurs when you try to get both Day 2 & 3 in the same order. Do them separately and it should work fine.

Zach says the problem is fixed now.

The Noble Herald Frog

Jerry, you may tell Zach that he's right! ;-)  I made two different orders and received the download mails within a minute, and both files are in my account's file list.

Thanks for the great offer and the eyxtra mile your're walking to make things work!

---Jan van Leyden