Bard's Gate under siege (again?)

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After reading through Bard's Gate a few times there are some ideas that have stuck in my brain. One of them is the the city is soon to be put at risk by some of the factions actively wanting to destroy it +/- the collaboration of partially willing parties (Wheelwrights guild f.i.).
While I have some plans for this in my own campaign, I was wondering if:
1) Someone has already walked that road and how is it going/did that go.

2) Are we to expect some kind of official adventure depicting the conflict.


I have some plans for this that, hopefully, the party will derail. It stems with the Cult of Orcus allying with the Gnolls, with the Wheelwrights playing the inside man. I've decided that, sometime in the next 6-8 in game months, Koraashag will discover the location of the long-lost Black Monolith (I REALLY wish they would tell me what that is) and use to open a gateway to Orcus' domain in the Abyss, and begin summoning a demon army, of which the Gnolls will be the least part of.

Well, the general information concerning tha Black Monolith is described in the Stoneheart Valley, in the Tomb of Abystor adventure. In my case, I think it's going to be either the cult of Tsathogga with de Gnolls or the trio Orcs-Cult of Orcus-Calthraxxus the ones that are going to give the city a g. In the first case, also with the Wheelwright's connivence... 

The black orcs (and dragon) control a major mine. The gnolls are mucking with the northern roads. The underdark denizens are free agents. The Huun have a squad still very much in the game.  Orcus is Orcus, which may come as a surprise to his worshippers.  The Underguild wants a piece of the long game. And that doesn't even start to think about what may be up on the plateaus making its way south. Or what's going on in the undermountain with the dwarves. Or what havoc the Wheelwrights could create by draining the disrupting BG politics. What happens if the Grand Duchy suddenly has a threat and needs to pull its troops, contracts be damned? Or Endhome's allegiance is bought through a legal loophole. Or the battered remains of the army returns from the north...and can't remember what happened, where they have been or what they have seen...and they have all aged 30 years....

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Awesome thread. I love it! And excellent question. I will give you the "official" anwer as well as a heads-up on a future project.

Yes, there will be a Bard's Gate-Under-Siege adventure at some point in the future. Not sure yet if it will be a part of the campaign setting release or something afterward. Too many variables right now to say for sure. But the adventure will be the plotline laid out by Clark Peterson way back in the day involving the build-up of all the black orcs in the Stoneheart Valley. The adventure is called The Wrath of Orcus and will include among other things a lot of large-scale combat options for the investment of the city by besiegers. We had originally intended to include it as part of the Bard's Gate release but time and other factors prevented us from doing so.

So, yes, there will be a siege of Bard's Gate adventure. I don't know exactly when we'll see it. It won't be assumed to destroy the city or anything (unless you choose to have it do so in your home campaign), so it won't disrupt world continuity for anyone. But since you all were asking about it, I wanted to go ahead and let you know what I could. :)


Wow... thanks for the intel, Greg! That's what I call positive feedback on forum mmebers! This is an adventure I'll be definately looking forward to seeing in my shelves!