TB3 - Bloody Jack

Finished this last night with my group and it is fantastic. Greg knocked it out of the park. Easily scaled up or down if needed to accomdate your group's power level. Highly recommend getting it and finding a way to incorporate into your campaign if you can.

An excellent balance of mystery/problem solving, combat and horror elements.

One of my players literally said that her mind was blown towards the end when a few things became clearer to the party.


Yay! Thanks for sharing that, Turk!

That really makes my day. I ran this adventure in its entirety at NT RPG Con several years ago and because of its length ran it in three slots over a two-day period, so the same group showed up three times for the same game (which in and of itself I thought was pretty freakin' cool). Anyway, on the second day one of my players told me he had been up all night thinking about the adventure and trying to piece it all together in his mind.

I bring that up because that comment and what you shared above are literally the greatest compliment I can receive as a writer. I don't get them like that very often, but when I do I definitely remember them. So thank you very much for letting me know. :-) I'm glad you guys had fun with it.