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There are three deities that I can't find game information on. They are Vergrimm Earthsblood (a friend of Pekko), The Horned God (Herne from what I can tell, but still no game information), and Neriad. They are listed in the Borderland Provinces as gods for the Gaelon River Valley, but information that I'm able to find is extremely limited. So, what resource covers these? TIA

Um, I know Vergrimm Earthsblood is in Mountains of Madness; I have no idea on The Horned God, and I think Neriad is actually a demigoddess and daughter of Hecate, but I could be wrong about that...


Vergrimm Earthsblood

Keeper of the mines, God of Miners

Lesser God

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Domains: Artifice, Darkness, Earth, Law

Symbol: Crossed Pickaxes

Garb: Heavy miners' gloves and helmet

Favored Weapons: Heavy Pick

Typical Worshipers: Dwarven miners, architects, spelunkers, deep cave explorers

Dwarves believe Vergrimm gave them their purpose after their creation by Dwerfater. The earth spirits are known to Vergrimm, and clerics of Vergrimm often have summoned earth elementals in their service. Vergrimm is said to have learned the secrets of the substance known as earth blood.


Excellent.  Thank you. 

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You can find more info on Herne the Hunter in Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms. He also goes by The Greenfather, The Huntsman, Cerunnos and so forth. Look at p. 265 of the PF version of Cults - he's one of the Gods of Penmorgh. 

Thank you very much.  

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Richard is correct on Neriad being a daughter of Hecate and demigoddess. She is mentioned, with stat block, in Sword of Air (p. 215 of the PF version). She is mentioned again in Mountains of Madness under the description for Hecate, which has an xref to Sword of Air, and the living statue that Neriad became after having a tryst with Aka Bakar, much to Hecate's chagrin.

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Thank you for the help in tracking these down. 

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I am really hopeful the campaign setting pulls together all the gods, demigods, demon princes etc into one book/let, preferably with some extra goodies such as myths etc

There are a lot of Deities (like Hecate) statted in Bard's Gate (D20) but not in Bard's Gate (PF). Will they be presented somewhere?

I'd expect the deities big and small in the Campaign Setting, at some point next year (FALL 2018?). 

The Campaign setting will have a MASSIVE section on the Gods of the Lost Lands