Campaign Setting LL0

Is there any information on this? I haven't seen anything about the LL campaign setting except the designation in some of the books.

I too am interested in this. 

This probably won't come out until the end of this year, or maybe the beginning of next; it is the hinted-at Lost Lands Campaign Setting Box Set, I believe. I can't wait for it, personally.

This is going to be AMAZING when it hits. Can't wait.

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Should be an absolute #1 priority.

It was suppose to be sometime this year last I heard, but I bet it's 2018 at some point.

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I would bet it is 2018. The Frogs have confirmed it is coming, though.

I'm calling April 2018. I think they gotta get The Blight done, before they do the Campaign Setting.

By the way, I was browsing certain popular science magazine at a barber shop, and came across this map of Pangaea - it had VERY similar shape as the maps published so far of the campaign setting. The island on the Gulf of Akados had slipped maybe a little south, and some mountain ranges weren't in the right place (Stoneheart) but otherwise... Coincidence? Maybe...

Don't keep us in suspense, dammit! What's the magizine and what issue?!

Sorry, I should have mentioned this happened in Finland, and it was the Finnish version of, I am guessing, Science Illustrated? No idea which number it might in English version... :/

The finnish words and number swould be fine; just to allow us to google it. I can get my dad to translate, if necessary.