A Question For The Uber-Fans


Ew, I was blowing the dust off of my blog keyboard and ended up spitting all over it. Gross. :-(

Anyway, it's been a long while since I sat in this particular chair, and I'm not ready to take up regular occupancy just yet as I am still deep in being Blighted (hope you guys are liking those pdfs as they creep out of production). But I have run across a conundrum and rather than spend endless hours searching I thought I'd ask the vast overmind that is our fans...that are our fans...one of those is right I think.

In between approving layouts for Blight stuff, organizing conversions for Blight stuff, and developing Blight stuff, I'm trying to get my ducks in a row in preparation for the Lost Lands Campaign Setting (The Blight being the last big piece between me and working on it as my primary project). However, I have tinkered on it for so long that I have lost some pieces...or one piece in particular.

At some point in the last 3 years or so I posted or published or blogged or otherwise released a little fluff piece teaser paragraph just kind of giving a general description of the Lost Lands setting from a resident's point of view. It talked about the names the planet has gone by, the number of moons, general stuff like that. However it did contain a few small details that I never recorded anywhere else. I just assumed I would always have that paragraph at hand to look it. Unfortunately now I have lost it. I had a hard drive crash a couple years ago and managed to save almost all of my files, but I think I may have not gotten that one back. (Don't worry, we've gone to Carbonite since then!)

However, I'm pretty sure I had posted it or printed it publicly somewhere beforehand.

So my question(s) to you, good Fans of the Frog:

Do any of you know what I'm talking about?

And if you do, do any of you know where I can find that little blurb?



I've always assumed there was one moon based on the descriptions of the holidays and lunar gods.

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Pg 4 of the re-released Lost Lands: Stoneheart Valley book.

Under the name Illuminatus Geographica, by Master Scrivener Drembrar.


That's exactly what I was looking for, Omote. You are the man! Thanks!!

Monkebutz2, there are 2 moons. Narrah the Pale Sister and Sybil the Dark Sister. Narrah is also known as Luna sometimes and is what is usually referred to if there is mention of "the Moon". Sybil is much smaller, dimmer, and on a much more erratic orbit so it's seen as more of a mysterious harbinger in the sky.

The goddess Narrah is directly associated with the moon of the same name (i.e. Luna). Hecate is also sometimes associated with it. The dark goddess Cybelle is usually associated with the moon Sybil along with her sister Shupnikkurat.

More info on these goddesses and their association with the moons can be found in LL1: Stoneheart Valley or LL5: Borderland Provinces and LL4: Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms. There's a lot of stuff about moons in the old Lance Hawvermale "Hawkmoon" books by Necromancer Games, but it gives a somewhat disjointed and incomplete picture spread as it is over about a half-dozen different books. The Lost Lands Campaign Setting will do a lot to clean up that and other sources and give a clearer picture of the lunar situation.


Will you all be updating Hawkmoon and fleshing out the entire pantheon there?

Indeed I will, monkebutz2. The book Legends of Hawkmoon is on our tentative schedule to coordinate and combine all of Lance's stuff as well as fill in the missing deities. There are supposed to be 29 Hawkmoon deities in the pantheon per K9: Elemental Moon. So far we've got 15 of them (possibly 16, Lusph is a little questionable in regards to Lance's intent on that one since there is already a Hawkmoon sea god in Elmarran, so I'm not quite sure what he was going for with that one). Anyway, we've got over half of them done, so we'll reach out to Lance to see if he's available to create the rest or fill in the blanks on our own if he's not. No time schedule on that though. We've still get to keep powering through what's on our plate right now.

Thanks for asking though. I'm glad you're interested. For such a little geographic area in Hawkmoon, Lance Hawvermale packed it full of awesome! And it's my pleasure to incorporate it in with the rest of the Lost Lands. It'll definitely be included in the upcoming campaign setting, just not to the level of detail that Legends of Hawkmoon will cover later.


Thanks, I look forward to it, as one of my players always has his characters from there, even if the game is in the Northlands!