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PaizoCon Recap

Last weekend was PaizoCon. While it’s a long flight for me, I do highly recommend anybody interested in Pathfinder try to attend this convention at least once. It’s fantastically fun, and it gives fans and publishers a chance to interact—with the Paizo crew, of course, but also with each other. I had a chance to talk to a lot of great people, about Pathfinder, gaming in general, and what it’s like to work for Frog God Games.


My name is John Ling, and since December I’m Frog God Games’ Lead Pathfinder Developer. I wanted to take a quick moment and introduce myself to our fans. I’ve been gaming since sometime in the early 80s, when my best friend received a red box with a very cool picture of a dragon on the front and some very weird dice inside. I played a human fighter / magic user (yes, very much against the rules — we were rebellious almost-teens), and I’ve been hooked on gaming ever since.

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