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Center Stage Miniatures Kickstarter

As many of you are aware, the Center Stage Miniatures Kickstarter has not delivered as promised.  We've been asked by a couple of sculptors about the fact that our contract might block them from using their sculpts if they can get them back from Matt Solarz. If a sculptor has a way to recoup losses on this, we are in favor and will definitely not get in the sculptor's way.

-Bill Webb

Foster Creativity

Sure, its often easy to dismiss a kids silly, or plagaristic ideas as trivial. I mean my kids usually add material into their games after watching Indiana Jones or Lord of the Rings—but remember, this is their experience base, they learn initially what they see. Only by doing this over and over again can they unlock what they don’t see.

Kids at the Table I

So here is Papa Frog’s blog post number one. I was assigned Tuesday as my day, so the current plan is that every Tuesday I am going to post up a few hundred words about something that is happening here in Frogland.

Before I get into today’s topic, I do want you all to know that a VERY significant announcement will be made in early July. Pay attention to my blog the following week and I will go into great detail on it.

FGG Welcomes John Ling

Frog God Games welcomes a new staff member to lead the development of Pathfinder modules. John Ling has been an avid gamer since 1st Edition D&D. More recently he has been playing and running Pathfinder campaigns and writing Pathfinder campaign modules. John is excited to be part of the team and can't wait to help deliver plenty of exciting adventures to you - our fans!

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